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Assault Ballerbude

Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Status: ONLINE
Steam Link: Assault Ballerbude :: The future is NOW
Slots: 18
Location: Germany

Banlist: Assault Ballerbude AMXBans
Webstats: Assault Ballerbude HLStats


  • Advanced AFK Manager
    the aafkm will protect the player for 90 seconds (gets 1100hp). After this the player will be kicked.
  • Admin Spec ESP
    kind of wallhack for admins (just as Spectator)
  • Admin Check
    Type /admin in the chat to see if an admin is online
  • Admin Chatcolor
    Colored chat for admins
  • Amx Transfer
    Advanced transfer options for admins.
  • Dead Name Change
    Change your nick, even when dead.
  • Descriptive Fire In The Hole
    Colored fire in the hole messages
  • Dynamic Flashbang Light
    High res flashbangs.
  • Grenade Spam Punish
    Punishes the %&#cking nadespammers.
  • Grenade Trail
    Colored trails for nades
  • Lastmanbets
    Betmenu if just 2 players are alive.
  • Rules
    Type /rules to see the server rules.

I'm sorry, only Exclusive Subscribers have access to the Usage Stats.

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